Meet Launch Soul.  Brewing in my being for years, she’s become a blog devoted to the greatness of empowering purposeful living, the key to blooming a life you love. 

This path takes a brave heart. It’s not painless. It’s inner directed and most certainly meaningful. 

So, check out the blog, join the tribe and let me hold the lantern while we make our way.

Bloom a life you love!


Maria Mellano

Maria Mellano is the person behind Launch Soul. She’s a seasoned clinical social worker, certified practitioner and applicant for trainer in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy and is extensively trained in Internal Family Systems therapy. She is a certified Money, Marketing and Soul and Sacred Money Archetypes coach. She is particularly passionate about helping those interested in making a difference in the world create lives aligned with their purpose. Maria has a Boston based practice called WellWorth offering counseling and consulting devoted to empowering purposeful living and she is co-founder of Boston Psychodrama Institute.  Originally from a Southern California flower growing family, her passion is helping clients bloom lives they love! She has been in the Boston based mental health field for over 20 years, working with a variety of client populations, including a specialty in eating disorders. Her current focus is helping clients bring their worth, wellness and legacy into purposeful alignment. Her orientation is wholistic, experiential, attachment, systems, psychodynamic, skills and spiritually based. She can be reached here.