Meet Launch Soul.  Brewing in my being for years, she’s become a blog devoted to courageous living, standing for greatness on the pillars of authenticity, transformation and empowerment. 

Standing for greatness takes a brave heart.  It’s not painless. It’s inner directed and most certainly meaningful. And, I assert, without support, it’s easy to lose one’s way. So, check out the blog and let me hold the lantern while we make our way.

And, one more thing. Though I’d love for you to follow me so we can share this path together, be sure to follow your heart first.


Maria Mellano

Maria Mellano is the human behind Launch Soul. She’s a fierce woman on the divine path of imperfection, a Nam Myoho Renge Kyo chanter of 25+ years, an Internal Family Systems informed worth and wellness therapist and coach with 20+ years experience in the field, a psychodrama certified practitioner applicant for trainer, certified money, marketing, and soul coach and certified sacred money archetypes coach. She was born and raised in Southern California in a flower growing family business, lived in Japan for about 4 years, then moved to the East Coast for graduate school and 20 years of life.  She can be reached here.